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Land Cruises
The Cote D'Azure and Provence - Le Var

The South of France
8 days - 5 rounds of golf
Cannes / Aix en Provence

Enjoy golf and the glamour of the Cote D’Azure before moving west to the Le Var district of Provence where you will play golf surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, majestic mountains and finally on a cliff top overlooking the Bay of Lions. 

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  • DayTravelGolfExcursionChoice of Accommodation
    1Arrive Nice / Mougins
    2MouginsCannes MouginsMougins and GrasseMas CandilleHotel de Mougins
    3MouginsTaulaneGorges de VerdonMas CandilleHotel de Mougins
    4MouginsFour Seasons - Le ChateauCannesMas CandilleHotel de Mougins
    5Mougins / Nans Les PinsSt TropezDomaine de ChateauneufDomaine de Chateauneuf
    6Nans Les PinsBarbarouxSt-Maximin la Ste BaumeDomaine de ChateauneufDomaine de Chateauneuf
    7Nans Les PinsFregateCassisDomaine de ChateauneufDomaine de Chateauneuf
    8Depart Marseille or Nice

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    FromToKmMilesEst Journey Time
    1 Cannes Airport2 Mougins12700 hr 12 mins
    2 Mougins3 Taulane583600 hr 58 mins
    3 Taulane4 Gorge de Verdon483000 hr 45 mins
    2 Mougins5 St Donat10600 hr 13 mins
    5 St Donat6 Monaco633900 hr 48 mins
    7 Nans les Pins8 Barbaroux362200 hr 34 mins
    7 Nans les Pins9 La Sainte Baume Golf8500 hr 13 mins
    9 La Sainte Baume Golf10 Aix en Provence442700 hr 38 mins
    7 Nans les Pins11 Fregate Golf553400 hr 48 mins
    11 Fregate12 Cassis221400 hr 20 mins