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Burnham and Berrow
Castle Combe
Cumberwell Park


Bradford on Avon
Castle Combe Village
Lacock and Bowood House

Castle Combe Village

Region: Wiltshire and Somerset
Monuments: Most Picturesque Village - Manor House Hotel

Voted 'Most Picturesque Village' in the 2001 Traveller's Choice Awards awarded by British Heritage Magazine. Castle Combe is situated on the southern-most edge of the Cotswolds, 12 miles from the Georgian city of Bath.

Originally a British hill fort, it became occupied by the Romans due to its proximity to The Fosse Way. After the Romans, came the Normans, who built the fort up into a castle. By the Middle Ages the village had become an important center for the wool industry, the spinners and weavers living in the typical Cotswold stone cottages (hence names such as "Weaver’s House").

In recent times, the village has been the set for a number of movies including ‘Doctor Doolittle, filmed in 1966.